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how to start a hotel business

natural hotel
natural hotel
how to start a hotel business - the hotel business is a very profitable business and sustainable or durable. One thing is certain of having a business is to get your hotel property sale value is much higher than the capital you exhale during construction , even if your hotel is always crowded with habitable living with high levels of the value of your hotel will double fold . Here is the key why entrepreneurs who already have a hotel will be in the not too long have another new hotel.

In contrast to other business , business success is because the owners of the USA hotel and more hotel managers focuses on human factors as executor . There have been many large corporate slogan hotel manager stating that the hotel business is about how to please the guests and to be able to please the guests then the employees who worked in a hotel should feel happy first, and how to make employees happy , certainly many do .

In addition , the location factor , factor prices , cleanliness and comfort factor , factor flexibility also plays a very important causal success of this business , so for those of you who plan to start a business hotel can consider the above factors .

Starting a business hotel, it technically can we describe the steps below :
1 . Idea or Concept Hotel.
Many hotel owners or a successful businessman who started this business from scratch just to have a brilliant idea or concept about the hotel that will be built .

2 . capital
Once your idea is quite buoyant and you feel very confident with the idea , then the next step is to look at your capital factor . What does it cost to build a hotel that is already available ? Naturally adapted to the size of the hotel that will be your wake . However, if the capital is not so big , you can still build a hotel with a budget hotel or a simple concept .
Start building a hotel you should not have a capital of 100 % but you can get started by providing 40-50 % of its course , the rest you can get from a bank loan . Further on the procedure to build the hotel with bank financing is where we build the explanations in our other articles .

3 . Siting
Factors determine the success of the business location of the hotel so you have to do site selection very carefully . In the determination of the location , you can buy an empty land or land with buildings that do not work and you can buy at a price that is not too high .

4 . Create a Feasibility Study or Feasibility Study
Sometimes we are very confident with our business instincts , but careful calculation and in-depth investigation of a feasibility study will be helpful for you . The feasibility study can provide an accurate and detailed picture of your hotel business prospects , the type of hotel you are , how many rooms to be built , anything what facilities you need and do not need , how much room is how much investment to how long your investment will be returned . With a feasibility study , you can prevent major losses caused by wrong in designing your hotel . Order results from this Feasibility Study results are pure and fair , the Feasibility Study should be made by a business consultant who understands well about the ins and outs of the hotel business.

5 . Engage Consulting Hotel
By involving hotel consultant , will significantly reduce the burden of work and planning your hotel with hotel consultants to plan the details of operational planning hotel can be done better . Any hotel consultant can save you a lot of money due to incorrect purchase of goods and equipment as well as the one that led to the construction design must be disassembled because the operation is not wise.

6 . determination of Architects
To design the hotel so that maximum utilization of space and that the contractor can build and costs efficiently then it takes an architect or consultant planners in planning your hotel . Architects will draw the whole architecture of the building , making mechanical & electrical drawings and plumbing to make the necessary budget plan for the construction of your hotel . Architectural drawings are also needed in the management of your hotel IMB .

7 . Licensing Arrangement
Before you build a hotel , you have to take care of all the permissions . The very first course is a license without the permission of the location because you certainly can not take care of other permits from the local government . About licensing any hotel , please see the section on licensing hotels here

8 . Determination of Trustees Contractors & Consultants
After you complete architectural design and building permit obtained from the local government , then the next step is to determine who will be the construction contractor your hotel . construction contractors to determine who the hotel , can be stiffened by way of tender or direct appointment . In addition to the contractor , you also have to determine who will be the Consultants or Consultants MK Supervisors overseeing the construction contractor to run on time and in accordance with spesifikasi2 made ​​by the consultant planner . Supervision Consultant is representative of the Project Owner in the process of construction of the hotel .

9 . Shopping Goods and Supplies Hotel Supplies
For this requirement , you can do it yourself , but with the consultant that helps you buy the wrong item or the price is too expensive you can avoid . Operational necessities hotel quite expensive so buy the one investment that will lead to swell .

10 . Opening preparation Hotel
If the number 9 to the extent you do it without the help of consultants hotel , then the hotel 's opening preparation stage , you really have to hire a consultant or expert to conduct personnel rekruitmernt , making operational standards and procedures , training , etc. . For this requirement , you can not do it yourself unless you are indeed an expert in the field of hotel management with considerable experience .

11 . Hotel opening
Once your hotel opened to the public , you will experience periods where there is no guests coming to stay dihotel you . It takes the hard work of the sales force to be able to bring your guests to the hotel so at this early stage , the marketing budget should get top priority .

So at a glance that we can say about the way of starting a business hotel , we believe that having the hotel is not the monopoly of the big capital , but it can be done by anyone who has a strong determination and ketekukan in starting this business , plus the foresight to see the opportunity . We are very happy if this post can inspire you to start doing business in the field of hospitality , especially if you take advantage of our services as consultants and managers.